Contacting Staff

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Contacting Staff

Post by sleepyPrincen » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:18 am

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the LAN, please feel free to contact a member of the staff team directly about the issue. We're happy to hear from you and will do our best to respond quickly and effectively.
Our Human Resources Director, Paris, is lovely, and always willing to help, but may not be the best person to ask for PC or tech related issues. Unless, that is, your tech related issue is "I need some stonking Jungle Tech in my ears right this second", in which case, he or Tommy are probably your best bet.
Be sure to check the FAQs thread first!

You Can;

PM us in the CornLAN Forums

You can send a private message through our forums to entire staff team. All at once!
You can message the staff by clicking on this clever link (which will work soon).

Post in "Questions for the Staff"

We have a forum available (and visible from the board index) for you to post in to ask the staff about anything you think they might be able to help with. If a question gets asked a lot there, or anywhere else, we'll put it in the FAQs global announcement, so be sure to check there! You might have your answer already.

You can view existing topics in "Questions for the Staff" right here.
You can post a new topic in "Questions for the Staff" by clicking here.
The FAQs thread is visible from any forum, or can be viewed by clicking here.

Message us on the CornLAN Discord

CornLAN's Staff team can be found in our discord channel, under Staff, in green, Human Resources, in yellow, or Admin, in a lovely Blood Orange. At least one of us is usually online. Staff members include;
GiraffeKOOOO (Pascal),
Cray (Sam),
Kerpent (Tommy),
sleepyPrincex (It's your boy Gawen), or
Paris, whose name is fairly self-explanatory.

Hop in a Discord Voice Channel
If you see a member of staff in one of the voice channels in the CornLAN discord, feel free to hop on and ask them whatever question you had. Be warned, if it's GiraffeKOOOO or Cray, they might be on PUBG.


Send a message to #questions-for-staff in discord

A text channel is also available for asking for staff support, if you prefer to ask there.
Click right here to be taken directly to #questions-for-staff
If you haven't already, you should join our discord channel by clicking here.
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