Welcome to CornLAN

We are the Cornish LAN party! We are a jolly bunch of people which get together with their computers and enjoy each other’s company, as we play games together, watch movies, or just spend the time talking and catching up (crazy I know right). The LAN parties we host are typically 3 days long, starting on a Friday afternoon and ending on Monday afternoon.

For more information, carry on scrolling down (or use the menu – located in the top left corner to navigate to other pages), as well checking out our forums by clicking here: which is a place where all the people discuss everything regarding this group and events.

Upcoming Events


EasterLAN- SickLAN 8
5th April 2019 —-> 8th April 2019
start at 17:00 Friday 5th April
end at 14:00 Monday 8th April
Tickets: Available – check out our range of tickets
Seating planner is: LIVE


*LAN party is available only to donators*

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Q – Where is SickLAN located?
A – SickLAN is located in Sticker Village hall

Q – What is a LAN party?
A – A LAN party is a computer party! We get together in a hall with our computers, play games with friends, drink, and generally have a good time.
!! It is a bring your own PC event, so make sure you have one. And don’t forget to take it with you !!
unless you’re taking a console, because that’s okay too. but then don’t forget that!

Q – Can I come to this LAN party?
A – Sure! just head on over to the regular website and pick a seat!

Q – What do I need to bring?
A – If you want to join in on playing games with us, then you will need to bring your computer or a laptop, anything with an ethernet port (it can even be a macbook). With that it’s important you bring all of your cables that you will need such as power lead, monitor cable etc, keyboard and mouse, but most importantly Headphones! This is because in a hall with 30 people if we all played on our computers with speakers on, it would be a nightmare. we also strongly suggest a mousemat! Bring something to sleep in, as everybody sleeps in the hall, so a sleeping bag or a blow up mattress is a good idea, pillows and a duvet can also be handy, just please be considerate to how much space you take up as you’re not the only person in that hall. Apart from that, bring food and drinks with you as we don’t provide any of that for you. But that’s just the short list.
If there is anything else you would like to bring but you’re not sure if it’s ok for you to bring with you, message one of the staff members, and they will get back to you on that. (So long as it doesn’t disturb anyone, it’s probably fine, but if it makes noise, takes up a lot of space, or you’re otherwise unsure, please check!)

Q – Is there internet in the hall?
A – Yes there is internet access in the hall

Q – I can’t stay for the whole event, do I still need to pay the full price?
A – Yes. We do apologise, but if you’re booking a seat to come to the LAN, even if you need to leave early, that’s still a seat which can’t be booked by somebody else. It’s not a problem for you to come, but you will have to pay full ticket price.

Q – I’ve bought a ticket but I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?
A – Yes we do issue refunds, BUT only up to 14 days before the event, afterwards we can’t refund you

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email: pascal@cornlan.co.uk
Or just jump on discord and just message us, we try to be as fast as possible with the replies.
You can now also message us on facebook!
Just look us up on facebook: