The data that we store from you:
– Your email
– Your name
– Your seat number
– Paypal Transaction ID
– Any additional data you provide us of your accord

Why we store this data:

The simply answer is because all of this is sent in one email, which we receive from paypal after you buy a ticket for the LAN, and because it gets stored in the emails and then gets stored on the email server.

But In more detail:

– Your name: We store your name as it is provided to us in the details of the paypal transaction, as well as allowing us to do printouts for the LAN and so we can put your name on the seating planner

– Your seat number: We store your seat number so we can make sure that you are sitting in the seat that you chose

– Paypal Transaction ID: This is stored to double check the correct ID’s in the future if there are any issues with the payments or any payments that require correction or further checking

– Additional data that you provide of your own accord: This is any data that you may enter in the paypal notes, we only keep it because it is stored in the email we receive including the other details, we do not require any additional data, but we do store it as it is kept on the email server.