CornLAN Staff:

 Pascal Stepien [GiraffeKOOOO] : Pascal is the lovely jubbly guy who set up this entire group and runs all of the events,  he is one of the busiest guys at the LAN, fixing issues, setting everything up, minor accidents etc. but he will always make time to help others out at the LAN. He is very dedicated to this LAN and tries to make it better in every way possible. 


 Gawen Osborne [sleepyPrincen] : Gawen is Pascal’s best friend and together they make a dynamic duo, making sure they work really hard both during LANs and outside of the LANs. They work together setting up servers, websites, and organising events. During the events Gawen spends his time mostly in the kitchen cooking stuff, so feel free to catch him there.

 Tommy Kenyon [Kerpent] : Tommy is a very important staff member, as without him we wouldn’t have SickLAN, however his busy lifestyle makes it difficult for him attend LAN parties, so if you don’t see him at the LAN, that’s most likely because he’s busy working.

Benjamin Spencer [Benbey]: Benbey is our newest member of staff that is highly passionate about computing and is a wonderful cheery guy, if he’s not too busy helping Pascal with servers and stuff, he’s probably busy memeing and just having a great time.

Human Resources:

 Paris Scott [Cravengiant] : Paris Scott A.K.A. PARRRD is the Human Resources for CornLAN, he used to be staff but was very adamant about wanting to be HR. So if you have an issue with anything at the LAN and you want to talk somebody, he will be more than happy to listen.